The Difference Between Grade B & Commercial Grades


As previously mentioned, the mineral and vitamin content in Pure Grade B Maple Syrup far outweighs that of contrived commercial grades. Depending upon the purpose for which it is used for, it may be highly beneficial to make sure that your maple syrup is pure - all natural grade B maple syrup. As the main staple of energy in the Master Cleanse Diet, grade B maple syrup is recommended in order to maintain a consistent level of metabolism during this process.

Why You Should NOT Use Commercial Grades

Most of the maple syrup that you find in regular supermarkets is not only void of any nutritional & mineral content, it is composed of 80% or more high fructose corn syrup, artificial maple flavor, and preservatives. Only 20% or less of this syrup is composed of actual maple "sugar" - in it's refined form.

In order to make one gallon of pure, Grade B Maple Syrup, approximately 40 gallons of maple sap is needed. By comparison, it takes much more time and effort to produce Organic, Grade B Maple Syrup, than it does it's counterpart.

This is precisely the reason why commercial maple syrup is much less expensive than pure, all natural Grade B Maple Syrup, and why it is not recommended for the Lemonade Diet.

Why Organic?

Since the production of natural maple syrup is so extensive and sometimes time consuming, farmers have developed techniques to speed up and increase the collection of maple sap. Paraformaldehyde pellets may be inserted into the tap holes to prevent sap from clotting and clogging holes. Some residue of this poison may therefore be present in non-organic maple syrup, and this procedure may also shorten the overall lifespan of the trees.

Another concern is the potential danger of lead being present in the maple syrup. Some maple sap collectors use pans and buckets which have seams and patches that are soldered with lead. The maple syrup can also pick up lead from seams and containers used for packing and storage.

This is why it is important to be a conscientious consumer and make sure you buy certified organic, grade B maple syrup vs. the cheaper - and possibly contaminated - maple syrups on the market; especially if planning to use the maple syrup in conjunction with the Lemonade Diet. After all, one of the main benefits of the diet is to fully cleanse and detox the system. This is not possible if chemicals are still being deposited into the body.

The Master Cleanse and Stanley Burroughs

In the Master Cleanser book, Stanley Burroughs - the founder of the lemonade diet, recommends pure Grade B Maple Syrup for this diet over other commercial syrups because of it's superior mineral content and pure ingredients.

Stanley states that out of all the grades of maple syrup, grade B is by far "the most desirable grade" with the most significant maple taste. He also is clear about his stand on the use of organic maple syrup stating, "Some uninformed operators of the sugaring of the maple syrup do use formaldehyde pellets, run through polyethylene tubing. Search out and demand the kind that does not use formaldehyde."

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